Taufika Engineering Limited

Taufika Engineering Limited (TEL) was incorporated as a private limited company on August 20, 2013 and commenced commercial operation in the same year.TEL is a successor of BEL construction Sdn. Bhd. Ltd., which is headed by Dato’ Engineer Md. Ekramul Haque, Managing Director of TEL. The company focuses on general civil construction as well as construction of Telecommunication and Broadcasting towers.

Increasing steel building demand, arising particularly from industrial sector may contribute to stable revenue stream for Taufika Engineering Limited. TEL generates revenue by providing services such as constructing factory and high rise building, constructing telecommunication and Broad-Casting towers, and constructing power plant and substations.

Decade long experience of the management of TEL in the field of engineering and construction provides stable profitability source for the company.

TEL's board consists of two Directors including the Managing Director, Dato’ Engineer Md. Ekramul Haque, holding 50% share and Mrs. Shamima Nargis Haque, the Chairman of TEL, holding 50% share.

The promoters of TEL have sound, educational, business, social and financial background. At the same time, TEL's operations are managed by experienced executives with diverse, professional and functional experience in the fields of construction and Engineering. At present the number of employees of TEL is nearly, 300.

TEL's operation focuses on civil and engineering, construction, and providing the following services:

•Construction of factory and high rising building,
•Construction of telecommunication and Broadcasting towers
•Construction of high tension T/L and substations.
•Construction of power plant and substations.